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Residents Projects 2009-2010

Residents Projects 2009-2010

Learn about the projects that are being conducted at the residences of Escuelab.

Ivan Angel Terceros Rodriguez (Bolivia)

Project: Mediacenters

Tools for cultural production. Joint centers, research and experimentation with media and content.

The work of Ivan Terceros residence have included theoretical and practical aspects. It should be noted the commendable work of advice to other residents about issues related to programming, technology and new media.

The main purpose of the residence has been the implementation of a media center tool for recording, editing and transmission of audio, image, text, and the experimental hybridization between the media. The implementation process allowed for the exploration of resources in urban Lima. It successfully ventured in markets like Paruro, Wilson and Las Malvinas, obtaining low-cost infrastructure, high performance, which complies with the guidance of maxificar resource, fundamental at work in downtown Lima.

Parallel to the search infrastructure for the implementation of the prototype of mediacenter, was held software development and the internal logic of joint programs for recording and reporting of web content by passing on all the activities undertaken during the past Escuelab four months of his residence.

Also, Ivan Terceros was a guest professor at the workshop on Image Theory with students from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and has joined the co-production of the lecture series possible technology.

Ivan Terceros joins the team as a Research Associate Escuelab.

Luis Norberto Cermeño Cristancho (Colombia)

Project: Narratives of the Future.

Process of educational research, dialogical and media attention on the construction of narratives of the future in the Latin American periphery.

The resident Luis Cermeño developed its project in several areas of intergenerational interaction, leading to diversity of people and groups.

In order to investigate the perceptions of adults and young people, made an open call for the development of dialogue sessions and discussion about future possibilities from Latin American and Peruvian peripheral, which was established by the experimental platform Alternative Contexts, that performed 8 sessions over 4 weeks in the interesting discussions that occurred among a group of about 30 people who contributed their views and experience at every opportunity.

In complementary way, the project has led to the development of the practice of writing among secondary school youth, through the School Contest I Am Robot Story, co produced by Liliana Com, Jorge Villacorta and Kamilo Riveros. Have received 59 stories.

The promotional campaign of this activity consisted of:

Presentation at the International Book Fair

An interview in Lamula.pe blog

An interview in Philharmonic Radio

An interview in Fem TV

Escuelab made the award in October of this year

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Besides the resident made systematic visits to booksellers of Camana and Quilca shreds, accessing a variety of texts. Entered into discussions with local publishers for the publication of literary material. Also entered into cordial relations with the local groups in science fiction.

Patricio Javier Dalgo Toledo (Ecuador)
Green Squares  Project: Collaborative Process and urban intervention.

The Green Squares project development of the thinking about urban space in Lima, which do not have the equitable access to public spaces and green areas in the sectors identified as peripheries, whether physical or symbolic.

By participating in the experience of a printing workshop in the community of Cantagallo, it became apparent the need for development of public space from community practices. Cantagallo Shipibo Community is a settlement on the right bank of the Rimac River, about deforestation and landfill.

 As the negotiations took place between the group of neighbor kids (which is made up of Patricio Dalgo and María Belén  Granda ) and the community, it became clear the need to coordinate the different efforts of social action and artistic Cantagallo, so which also raised the implementation of a Cultural Production Workshop.

Since the implementation of the Cultural Production Workshop in Cantagallo, the idea is to promote collective self-managed and dynamic public space cleaning. To go by its construction cleanups that are participating in the various actors involved, as well as it consolidates a collaborative process designed to realize Cantagallo Green Square as a public space for the community.


Patricio Dalgo joins Escuelab as Research Associate.

Juan Carlos Leon Jacomé (Ecuador)

Project: Latin America "Game Art" which expresses the conflict over American identity in a two-headed to be hit themselves.

The residence of Juan Carlos Leon was oriented toward research on various cultural elements of urban Lima, integrating various art projects. Highlights the completion of a game art design, based on allegorical representation of conflicts in Latin American nationalities.

Same time was dedicated to curating the show Pura Pollution, held in Ex Espacio La Culpable, which consisted of both the exhibition of the works in this space as a lecture on the conceptual and theoretical Escuelab facilities.

Furthermore, the report state conferences Ana Rosa Valdez, Mediated Society, which allowed different conceptual approach about new media and contemporary cultural industries to the public  of Lima.

Armando González Leonardo González (Honduras)

Project: Mind Mapping, approaching the marginal cultural systems in Latin America.

The process of the residence of Leonardo Gonzalez, was the search for conceptual definition of the "mental maps" through the practice of joint plurivocal by performing art shows with the participation of diverse Latin American artists.

Produced an exhibition Memento Mori, with the participation of Regina Galindo (Guatemala), Dalia Chevez (El Salvador), Donna Conlon (Panama), Ernesto Bautista (El Salvador), Angel Poyón (Guatemala), Fernando Cortez (Honduras), Ronald Morán (El Salvador), Jonathan Harker (Panama), César Manzanares (Honduras), Fernando Poyón (Guatemala), Habacuc (Costa Rica), Walterio Iraheta (El Salvador), Jorge Oqueli (Honduras) and Francisco Papas Fritas (Chile) with curator Adam Vallesillos, held in the Gallery (E) star.


On the other hand was the "combinatorial conference", original idea of Paul Elguera.


Karen Paola Bernedo Morales (Peru)

Project: museoarteporlasmemorias.pe  Virtual platform for the Archive of Art for Memory.

Based on the notion that "memory" social and personal history of any human group is a dynamic construct, it seeks to develop a virtual platform that allows support the diversity of artistic productions that are about the process of peruvian political violence in the late twentieth century.

The resident Karen Bernedo has worked in dialogue with the resident Ivan Terceros, for the implementation of the programming process of the virtual platform, which will be able to protect content provided by users.

Also, the resident made a fieldwork to Ayacucho to interview key players in the process of artistic development during the process of political violence, and to record photographically several catalogs of works.

Similarly, the conceptual development of the project has been completed with the dedication of the resident Masters in Visual Anthropology and training on Museums in Bahia, Brazil.

Escuelab enabling the public will arteymemorias.pe platform next year.


Jasmine Gabriela Flores Del Pozo (Peru)

Project: Implementation identificate.pe  Aplication for facebook, based on physical features and processes of local-regional identity:

During the residence developed by Gabriela Flores had an impact on research in interdisciplinary dialogue between art, programming languages ​​and the analytical possibilities of social networking.

For conceptual development of the application she received the advice of the expert Lilia Villafuerte and resident Ivan Tercero. The graphical development process was conducted jointly with Maria del Rosario (Akito) Beltrán.

The completion of the programming process has been commissioned by Roberto Torres Sovero.

Escuelab will launch the application over the next year Identifícate.pe